NEMIG: Electromagnetism without fields - Dr John Carpenter - 6th December 2013

A talk and discussion with Dr. Charles (John) Carpenter BSc DSc FIET CEng
Honorary Research Fellow Bristol University

Electrical engineers commonly regard electromagnetism as a difficult subject, because field theory is seen as fundamental to it. The talk explores a different approach, first explored by Maxwell, which does not depend on the field equations. It helps to clarify many different concepts, including the induction of EMF, and the different methods of electromagnetic power transfer.

Dr. Carpenter has a wide-ranging interest in electromagnetic theory, following on from an industrial experience in electrical machines and actuators. His Published work includes the numerical solution of field problems, methods of calculating forces and EMFs, machine losses, and equivalent circuits. More recently, his papers have centred on fundamentals, and, in particular, on the consequences of using the potentials, instead of the field vectors, as base electromagnetic variables. This has many implications, including teaching and understanding, particularly for those not wishing to specialise in field theory.

Event poster.

John Carpenter's talk - recorded from video camera - 1 hour 13 minutes.

John Carpenter's talk - recorded Screen and audio - 1 hour 13 minutes.

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