NEMIG: Non-abelian magnetic monopoles - Prof. Paul Sutcliffe - 12th May 2015

Prof Paul Sutcliffe
Professor of Mathematical Physics, Durham University

Non-abelian Yang-Mills-Higgs gauge theories have classical solutions that describe magnetic monopoles. These are stable soliton solutions with no singularties, that have the same long-range electromagnetic fields as those of a Dirac monopole. There are also multi-monopole solutions that have surprising symmetries, including those of the platonic solids.

Speaker's biography: Paul Sutcliffe is Professor of Mathematical Physics at Durham University. He obtained his degree and PhD from Durham and had postdoc positions in Edinburgh, Paris and Cambridge. He was a professor at the University of Kent before moving back to Durham in 2006. He was awarded the London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize in 2006.

Paul Sutcliffe's talk - recorded from video camera - 1 hour 04 minutes.

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