Alex Yakovlev PhD Thesis (1982) in Russian

Alex Yakovlev has scanned his PhD thesis "Design and Implementation of Asynchronous Communication Protocols in Systems Interfaces" in Russian ("Проектирование и реализация протоколов асинхронного обмена информацией в межмодульном интерфейсе")

The thesis is spread between several files (total 255 pages):

Title, Contents and Introduction

Chapter 1 (General characterization of the methods of formal synthesis and analysis of communication protocols)

Chapter 2 (Formalization of the behaviour of interacting objects and communication protocols)

Chapter 3 (Interpretation of asynchronous processes and use of interpreted models for the description and analysis of protocols)

Chapter 4 (Organization of aperiodic interface of intermodular communication)

Conclusion and References

Appendinces (1-5):

(1) Example of context procedure

(2) Example of controlled protocol

(3) Application of Petri nets to specification of asynchronous discrete structures

(4) Information transfer on three-state lines

(5) Analysis and implementation of the TRIMOSBUS interface

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