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The UK Embedded Forum is a workshop for UK-based PhD students working in the general area of embedded systems, which includes both hardware and software aspects, such as System-on-Chip design and Real-Time issues. As a result of the success of the first two workshops, the event has been expanded to two days.


All papers are refereed by the programme committee. There is a size limit of 10 pages per submission, IET style. Presentation format is 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and discussions. Authors are required to submit a pdf file electronically; please e-mail to albert.koelmans@ncl.ac.uk, no later than December 18, 2006. Authors will be informed of the program committee's final decision by January 26th, 2007. The final version of the paper is due February 16th. As a result of the review process, authors may be asked to present a poster instead of giving a presentation.


Workshop proceedings will be published by IET as a digest. Instructions can be found at the IET web site. Papers must be original work, not under consideration elsewhere, and copyright will be assigned to IET. Papers will be made available in the IEEE digital library.


Submissions are invited from individuals who are currently registered as PhD students at UK Universities. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Program Committee


The general structure of the forum is shown below.

   Morning       Afternoon       Evening   
2nd April, 2007 (Monday) travel talks dinner
3rd April, 2007 (Tuesday) talks travel


Day 1 Monday, 2nd April 2007
13.00 Registration
13.40 Keynote Speech: Asynchronous Communication Mechanisms, Butler and the Queen's Award for Enterprise
Eric Campbell, MBDA Ltd.
14.20 Knowledge-theoretic protocols for wireless sensor networks
A. Burns, I. Symeou, University of York
14.40 Structure-based High-Level-First Scheduling Algorithms for Hardware/Software Partitioning
Y. Lu, P. Green, University of Manchester
15.00 Exploring the links between intended task schedule and scheduler implementation in embedded systems with a time-triggered software architecture
A. Ali, M. Pont, University of Leicester
15.20 Pipeline Approach to Improve CAM Performance
T. Arumugam, V. Vasu , K. McLaughlin, S. Sezer, Queen's University Belfast
15.40 Coffee and Poster Presentations: S. Ngiap, D. Holburn, University of Cambridge, K. Athaide, Z. Hughes, M. Pont, University of Leicester, C. Bridges, T. Vladimirova, University of Surrey, G. Douglas, J. Mu, S. Sezer, E. Garcia, Y. Liu, J. McCanny, Queen's University Belfast
16.10 Fast point-to-point serial link using Phase-Encoding
C. D’Alessandro, University of Newcastle
16.30 Compatible Content Addressable Memory Cell
X. Yang, S. Sezer, J. McCanny, D. Burns, Queen's University Belfast
16.50 Dual-Huffman Based Code Compression for Embedded ARM/Thumb Processors
X.H. Xu, C.T. Clarke, J.T. Taylor, University of Bath
17.10 MWP-Bus: A New Bus Structure for Datapath Synthesis
A. Ahmadi, M. Zwolinski, University of Southampton
17.30 Business Meeting
19.30 Forum Dinner
Day 2 Tuesday, 3rd April 2007
09.00 An Investigation into Stateful Packet Classification Concepts
J. Hurley, S. Sezer, E. Garcia, Queen's University Belfast
09.20 Hardware Accelerated Session-Based IP Packet Classification
M. Abdelghani, S. Sezer, E. Garcia, J. Mu, C. Toal, Queen's University Belfast
09.40 A Self-Optimising Simulator for a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array
J. Whitham, N. Audsley, University of York
10.00 Sensitive Registers: Improving Speed and Fetch Bandwidth Efficiency in Embedded Processors by Associating Repeated Behaviour with Registers
A. Robinson, University of Manchester
10.20 Discrete time Markov based optimisation for dynamic control of transmitter power in wireless sensor networks
A. Udenze, K. McDonald-Maier, University of Essex
10.40 Coffee
11.10 Investigation into Hardware/Software Partitioning within the Internet Key Exchange, Version 2 System
P. Moore, M. McLoone, S. Sezer, Queen's University Belfast
11.30 Support for the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Virtex FPGAs
L. Su, P. Green, University of Manchester
11.50 Snort Signature Set Analysis for a parallel FSM based DPI Implementation
J. Mu, G. Douglas, S. Sezer, E. Garcia, Queen's University Belfast
12.10 Transforming Programs for Parallel Hardware Execution on Embedded Systems
W. Osborne, Imperial College
12.30 Close


The workshop is held in the attractive venue of the conference suite of Van Mildert College, University of Durham. Details about the location, including directions, can be found on their web site. If you prefer to walk from the railway station, directions are here.

Registration and Accommodation

Registration Form.

Accommodation is at Van Mildert College, and is included in the price.


The registration fee will be around 75 pounds, including one night bed and breakfast, the workshop dinner, and printed proceedings. The actual price will be announced nearer the time of the workshop.


Local organisers:   Albert Koelmans  (albert.koelmans@newcastle.ac.uk) 0191 222 8155
Alex Bystrov  (a.bystrov@newcastle.ac.uk) 0191 222 6584


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