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Final Report (288KB PDF)
EPSRC Review & Assessment of COHERENT, August 2005
Criterion Final Assessment
Research Quality Internationally leading
Research Planning and Practice Tending to internationally leading
Potential Scientific Impact Tending to internationally leading
Output of Research Staff Tending to outstanding
Communication of Research Outputs Outstanding
Potential Benefits to Society Tending to outstanding
Cost Effectiveness Tending to outstanding
Overall Assessment Tending to outstanding
('Internationally leading' & 'Outstanding' are the highest ratings in their respective categories)

Newcastle University Logo * Dr E. Graeme Chester - Photo
Kingston University Logo
* Dr Ian G. Clark - Photo
  Prof. Anthony C. Davies - Photo
  Mr David A. Fraser - Photo
* Prof. David J. Kinniment - Photo
School of
Electrical, Electronic
& Computer Engineering
* Dr Albert M. Koelmans - Photo
  Computing and
Information Systems
* Prof. Hugo R. Simpson - Photo
(MATRA BAe Dynamics)
  Dr Sergio A. Velastin - Photo
(MATRA BAe Dynamics)
* Dr Fei Xia - Photo
EPSRC joint funded project
* Prof. Alex V. Yakovlev - Photo
  EPSRC joint funded project
    Project PhD Students    
  * Mr Fei Hao - Photo
    Miss Maria Valera - Photo
    Collaborative contacts    
  * Dr Alex Bystrov - Photo
  * Mr Eric Campbell - Photo
  * Dr Delong Shang - Photo

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