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The UK Asynchronous Forum is an informal 1-day meeting where those working in asynchronous design in the UK (and particularly research students) can meet to present and discuss ideas.  The event is optimised for UK participants though others are welcome to attend.  See the UK Asynchronous Forum home page for further details.

Download proceedings here - PDF 3.44MB.


The scope of the Async Forum will be interpreted broadly to include:

and anything else relevant of interest.



Extended abstracts of not more than 4 pages must be submitted to Alex.Yakovlev@newcastle.ac.uk by 4th August 2006.   Abstracts must be sent in either ASCII, postscript (which must be viewable with ghostview) or pdf.


The general structure of the forum is below.

   Morning       Afternoon       Evening   
4th September, 2006 (Monday) travel talks dinner
5th September, 2006 (Tuesday) talks travel


Day 1 Monday, 4th September 2006
13.20 Registration
13.40 Tutorial 1: Demystifying Data-Driven and Pausible Clocking Schemes
Robert Mullins and Simon Moore, University of Cambridge
14.20 Modeling and Performance Analysis of GALS Architectures
S. Dasgupta, A. Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
14.40 Delay Insensitive Chip-to-Chip Interconnect Using Incomplete 2-of-7 NRZ Data Encoding
Jian Wu and Steve Furber, University of Manchester
15.00 An asynchronous spiking neural network which can learn temporal sequences
Joy Bose, S.B Furber, M. Cumpstey, University of Manchester
15.20 Error Checking and Resetting Mechanisms for Asynchronous Interconnect
Yebin Shi and Steve Furber, University of Manchester
15.40 Coffee
16.00 On-chip Phase Regeneration Circuits
C. D’Alessandro, A. Bystrov, A. Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
16.20 Fault Tolerant Techniques to Minimise the Impact of Crosstalk on Phase Encoding Communication Channels
Basel Halak, Alex Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
16.40 C-element Latch Scheme with Improved Fault Tolerance
K. T. Gardiner and A. Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
17.00 An Information Redundant Asynchronous Concurrent Error Detecting ALU
M.J. Marshall, G. Russell, University of Newcastle
17.20 Presentation by attendees
17.40 Business Meeting
19.30 Forum Dinner
Day 2 Tuesday, 5th September 2006
09.00 Tutorial 2: Unfolding models of asynchronous systems: applications to analysis and synthesis
Victor Khomenko, University of Newcastle
09.40 CSC-Aware STG-Decomposition
Mark Schaefer, University of Augsburg, Germany
10.00 Validation of an Asynchronous Synthesis Back-End
Nitin Gupta, Doug Edwards, University of Manchester
10.20 Blame Passing for Analysis and Optimisation
Charlie Brej, University of Manchester
10.40 Completion Detection Optimisation based on Relative Timing
A. Mokhov, D. Sokolov, A. Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
11.00 Coffee
11.20 Comparative Analysis of Stuck-at Test Generation for Asynchronous Speed Independent Circuits
D.P. Vasudevan, A. Efthymiou, University of Edinburgh
11.40 On-FPGA Communication: An Opportunity for GALS?
Terrence S.T. Mak, Peter Y.K. Cheung, Pete Sedcole, Imperial College London
12.00 Metastability in FPGA Devices
N.Minas, D.J.Kinniment, G.Russell, A.Yakovlev, University of Newcastle
12.20 Asynchronous Timing in the Survivor Memory Unit of a Viterbi Decoder
Wei Shao and Linda Brackenbury, University of Manchester
13.00 Close


The 18th UK Asynchronous Forum is being hosted by the Asynchronous Systems Group at the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Room details :- Research Beehive, Room 2.21. It is located in Level 2 of Old Library Building (Map).

Day 1 evening meal will be at Ristorante "La Toscana".


Newcastle is well served by road, rail and air.

The venue can be reached by Metro from the Newcastle Central rail station, or from the airport. Get off at the Haymarket station (Newcastle city centre map).

Parking can be arranged at the University's Visitors car park. Contact us beforehand if you need to park your car as space can be limited and must be pre-booked.

Registration and Accommodation

Registration form.

Accommodation will be at Castle Leazes Halls - (Shown top left on this map - Newcastle city centre map)..


Workshop fee (including proceedings, dinner and accomodation 'B&B') is £55.00.

If you do not want to stay in Castle Leazes Halls, the fee (proceedings & dinner) is £35.00. You will have to make your own accomodation arrangements.


Programme organiser:   Alex Yakovlev  (Alex.Yakovlev@newcastle.ac.uk) 0191 222 8184
Local organisers:   Fei Xia  (Fei.Xia@newcastle.ac.uk) 0191 222 8237


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