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Exhibition & Demo Sessions

Provisionally Scheduled 18:00-19:00 on Tuesday 8th April 2008

The Async/NoCs'08 conference attendees are invited to attend the following demonstrations during the conference demo session.

Demonstrator Demo Name Description
Eslam Yahya
TIMA, France
Asynchronous High-speed Modeling and Optimization tool Set (AHMOSE). AHMOSE provides a tool set which is able to consider variability due to process, voltage and temperature "PVT". Based on a new modeling methodology, some algorithms and tools are developed to analyze and optimize asynchronous circuits while considering variability in different system components. The proposed methods and tools show high efficiency in terms of computation time, high accuracy in implementing different variability sources and high flexibility in mixing static and time-variable delay models.
Sune F. Nielsen
Technical University of Denmark
Behavioral synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits Demonstration of a CAD tool for behavioral synthesis of asynchronous circuits. The tool provides automatic design space exploration targeting the Haste language and the TiDE tools from Handshake Solutions.
Mehrdad Najibi
AmirKabir University of Technology
Persia: A QDI Asynchronous Synthesis Tool Persia is a synthesis tool targeting templa! te based (PCFB-PCHB) QDI circuits. Input specification is in CSPVerilog and output is a netlist of Persia standard cells. Persia uses standard layout tools for backend as it encapsulates all the timing constraints inside manually laid out cells. Data Driven Decomposition is used for high level synthesis. Persia is now available for public use on: http://www.asynchronous.ir/persia/persia.htm
Tobias Bjerregaard
Teklatech's FloorDirector Teklatech will demonstrate its FloorDirector EDA software tool which provides floorplanning and variability robust clock distribution. The demonstration itself will highlight the benefits of the tool for intra-chip communication. http://www.teklatech.com

Details of further demonstrations will be published soon.

The call for demonstrations has now closed, but we will consider further applications as far as is reasonably possible. Please fill out the Call for Demonstration form and we will contact you.

About the Exhibition and Demo Sessions
Technical demonstration and exhibition sessions are planned during the conference. These sessions will provide an opportunity for academic and industrial organisations to promote or demonstrate software and hardware related to the theme of the conference and to discuss developments with the conference delegates and also with local academic staff and students.

During these sessions, it will be possible for demonstrators and exhibitors to present running circuit demonstrations or CAD tools. Posters or even small booths are welcome in order to present information about the contributing organisation, their products and the demonstrations offered.

If you wish to offer an exhibit or demonstration, please fill out the "Call for Demonstration form" link below. We request that you submit your request by February 29th 2008 so that we can advertise and organise this session.

Table and wall space and an electrical power outlet will be available for each exhibit. If you have any special requirements then please contact us well in advance to discuss these.

Call for Demonstration form